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Fuzzy Wuzzy Fun for all dogs! These toys have a really fun texture that dogs love. Great sizes and shapes for carrying and playing!



  • Balls are available in one size
  • Sheep are available in in two sizes
  • All SKUs are assortments


Pet Testimonial

Fuzzy Wuzzy Testimonial Dog

Name: Roscoe

Age: 2

Loves: Running in the backyard

Likes: Popsicles

Dislikes: Having shorter legs than all his friends so he can't keep up at the park


Fuzzy Wuzzy Sheep Small

Small Fuzzy Wuzzy Sheep Assortment
 Item #: 770655

Large Fuzzy Wuzzy Sheep Assortment

Large Fuzzy Wuzzy Sheep Assortment
 Item #: 770613


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