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Dinos are every dog's prehistoric favorite! Made with bubble plush and Chew Guard Technology™ these are sure stand up to tough play! 



  • Available in two sizes
  • Small toys have a squeaker, large toys have a grunter.
  • Made with Chew Guard Technology™


Pet Testimonial

goDog Dinos

Name: Luna

Age: 7

Loves: Treats

Likes: Playing fetch in the backyard with her goDog Spike Stegosaurus

Dislikes: Going to the vet


Small Terry Pterodactyl Large terry Pterodactyl

Terry the Pterodactyl                             -Small Item#770797                             -Large Item #770794

Dinos Bruto SmallDinos Bruto Large

Bruto the Brontosaurus                               -Small Item#770961                            -Large Item #770960

goDog Frills SmallDinos Frills Large

Frills the Triceratops                                                                              -Small Item#770798                                                                           -Large Item #770795

Dinos Spike SmallDinos Spike Large

Spike the Stegosaurus                                                                                 -Small Item#770799                                                                           -Large Item #770796




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