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These fun characters are made from a durable, checkered plush. The soft plush features Chew Guard Technology™ to stand up to tough play!



  • Four fun styles
  • Available in two sizes
  • Made with Chew Guard Technology™


Pet Testimonial

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Name: Lulu

Age: 6

Loves: Toys!

Likes: Walks, her bed and her favorite goDog Skinny Brown Rooster

Dislikes: Cats


Small Skinny Brown Rooster

Large Skinny Brown Rooster

Skinny Brown Roosters                       -Small Item #770881                    -Large Item #770880

goDog Fat White Rooster Small

  Large Fat White Rooster

Fat White Roosters                     -Small Item #770883                  -Large Item #770882

goDog Elephant Small goDog Elephant Large

Elephant                                      -Small Item #770963                  -Large Item #770962

GoDog Donkey SmallgoDog Donkey Large

Donkey                                      -Small Item #770963                  -Large Item #770962


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